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l don’t remember if it was overnight, or if one by one they started taking over my street.  These strange creatures with their strange sounds.  But there they are now, lots of them.  I walk out to my car, and I swear they’re talking about me, but I don’t understand them.  So many of them! and always in a group.  Sounds like they whistle at me, so sometimes I’ll just say hello to them but they probable don’t understand me either.  What do you do with a new kid in town, or a whole flock?


I decided to research, since I couldn’t ask them directly.  Turns out, Crows are incredible highly intelligent birds.  They live in groups or bird colonies.  The female nests the young with the help of “helpers” an older offspring that sticks around to help feed and care for the young.  They use tools, reason, play, and bury their dead, 


They remember.  If you have been an unfriendly neighbor, they remember you, and not only hold a grudge but will tell they’re friends about your bad behavior.  But If you are kind they remember that as well.  


Glad I learned a bit more about the new neighbors on my front and back lawn, I’ll make sure to smile and say hello.  We probably took over their space here first, or maybe we are all just meant to get along.



LA MÊME CHOSE.   Day in day out we pass the same path rendering certain details of it invisible.  We may see the same hills for years, but only when we focus on a spot do we realize a tree has been there all along.  This watercolor study began with a walk on the beach looking at the “same ol’” with the eyes of a tourist, focusing, noticing the invisible.  The flocks of birds that run alongside the waves became a single bird I wanted to name.  I researched our coastal wildlife and ventured into this spotlighting of the common, the everyday.  Looking at “La Même Chose” with new eyes.


Unfortunately, from the tiny western pobler to the magnificent whales, endangerment has come to almost all these species.  There are many people fighting to keep these creatures alive and thriving ensuring future generations will enjoy “LA MÊME CHOSE”.

La Meme Chose
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