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FINE ART & handmade functional art
by independent bay area artists

To bring wellness and joy to your life through art and beautifully handcrafted functional art pieces.

OUR philosophy

At the core of our philosophy is EVERYDAY AESTHETICS, the belief that spaces and what we surround ourselves with have an impact on our mental and emotional state.  At The Gallery, we want to assist in bringing beauty and well being to your home, and to your life through beautiful objects and empowering experiences.

OUR commitment

We pride ourselves in bringing you fine arts and curated artisan-made products.  We work exclusively with independent artists and curate pieces for their artistry, craftsmanship and originality beauty.  


Our goal is to create a connection between artist and buyer; each piece tells who and where it was made, you are not just taking home an object but a well crafted piece created by a local artist.

One Room School House


A SOCIAL SPACE.   Being in community adds to our well being. Art in all its forms connects us to each other, to something larger than ourselves.  We want this one-room school house to be a social space for everyone: artists, makers, art enthusiasts, those wanting to learn. Join us in sharing ideas and moments.  

We hold art workshops, writing meet ups, and look forward to more partnerships with creatives to bring you more events in the future.




Artist |  Owner | Curator

OLGA is the Artist and Curator of 7.3.1. DESIGNS. Born in a small coastal town in northern Chile, Olga has called San Francisco her home since she migrated to the United States with her family as a small child.  As every path seems to come a full circle, she has now settled in a small coastal town in northern California, Pacifica.   You will find her, her husband MartÍn, and their four-legged studio PR guy Caramelo strolling around town.


STAY CURIOUS Learning keeps our mind active, improves our mental health, contributes to our wellness.

COMPETE AGAINST YOURSELF We look to others for inspiration, but ultimately strive to improve ourselves.  We are work in progress and there is always room for improvement.

BELONG By respecting to those around us, we gain respect and acceptance.  We focus on being an active member and positively contributing to the community we belong to.   We also have a strong commitment to creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  We believe this is at the core of every human being the need to love and to belong.

PLAYnurtures creativity and creates a space to pause, step away from the everyday tasks and gather new insights.  Play brings wellness to our lives.

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